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Hi, I’m Philipp,

a freelance Mobile App Developer writing native mobile apps for both Android and iOS Platforms. I have experience as a professinonal software developer of over 10 years.

I started Android development in 2010 with Froyo and wrote my first iOS app back in 2015 on iOS 8. Since then I’ve worked on both small, from-scratch and large-scale projects with millions of active users.

I have created software both in teams of 20+ developers and as a single developer with all the responsibilities. I have also lead small development teams towards build a product.

What I offer:

  • Coding & Development
    • Native iOS Apps using Swift or Objective-C
    • Native Android Apps in Kotlin or Java
  • Consulting
    • App architecure
    • Modular, maintainable code
    • Estimation of time & effort
    • Assessment of frameworks & technologies

Technologies I use:

  • Swift, SwiftUI, UIKit
  • Kotlin, Java, Jetpack Compose
  • Reactive Programming: RxSwift, RxKotlin, RxJava, Combine, Flow
  • Code Edtiors & IDEs: AppCode, Android Studio, Visual Studio Code, Textmate
  • Code mgmt: Git, Github, SVN ;)
  • CI: CircleCI, Jenkins, Github Actions
  • Other: fastlane, Firebase,

My pet projects:

For more details on my work, check out my full portfolio.

I’m always looking for new projects and apps, if you have an interesting idea or need a seasoned, experienced software engineer. Feel free to contact me!